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More and more corporates are looking for proximity or cooperations with start-ups. A sustainable trend or just a snapshot? A review with startup expert and entrepreneur, Thomas Offner.

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A review on this year’s UX Strat in Amsterdam

The slogan of this year’s UX Strat may be: Transform outward, inward and forward.  More than discussing directions though, the speakers reflected on the scope of their work in terms of potential and responsibility.

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How artificial intelligence shapes the future of marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic right now and many tech blogs forecast it to be the game-changer of the coming decade.

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Digital Incubator – The optimal conditions for innovative ideas

Searching for innovation and hoping not to miss out on the digitalization, more and more medium-sized companies are turning to incubators to develop new ideas and business models.

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Reading, writing, calculating and coding – internal education prevents digitization losers

In order to survive the digital world, every business has to change radically. A very important part of this change concerns the most important resource of every company, people.

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Relevance of User Experience (UX) Design in Consultancy? Wanja Rinke, consultant at PwC, explains why UX Design should have a higher importance in digital strategy.

What is the relevance of UX Design in consultancy? We wanted the complete picture and thus talked to UX Design Expert, Wanja Rinke.

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From the ivory tower to the hands on work – the changing role of an enterprise architect in an agile IT

One of the consequences of the design and development of digital business models during a digital transformation is the implementation of new capabilities within a firm’s IT department.

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Consulting 4.0 – The future of consulting

Triggered by the digital transformation, an economical landscape changing at increasing speed and growing complexity, the way strategic and transformational consulting is operating needs to change radically.

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The first step is always the hardest. 10 points corporates should know before working with startups.

Digitalization has been in full swing for a while now. It is changing companies worldwide and across all industries. Corporates covet collaborations with startups that drip with innovative spirit and are possibly on the verge of discovering the next sensation.

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SCRUM vs. Design Thinking – Same, same but different!

Both SCRUM and Design Thinking are hot topics in the management world – everybody talks about them, some use them, few understand them.

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