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Swarm intelligence and the power of decentralized organizations

Decentralized organizational models are worth pursuing in the quest to boost productivity, proactively resolve conflicts and maintain a healthy working culture.

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External Innovation Management will determine the Economic Champions of Tomorrow

One thing most executives and decision makers can agree on by now, is the fact that technology-driven transformations will redefine and change the current value creation, value delivery, and value consumption structures in an unprecedented magnitude. Moreover, this will happen at a pace not even seen during the times when steam engines catapulted society from the agricultural into the industrial age in a matter of a half century.

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The changing role of IT – Got IT right?

Through digital transformation, the traditional role and responsibilities of IT within the company will have to change 180 degrees – instead of occasionally helping out the business ‘fixing bugs’ and offering mostly technology-driven, monolithic and non-differentiated services, the IT department will be the main driver for enabling companies to thrive in the digital age by shifting focus towards the customer needs, business outcomes and enabling business value-add.

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What does particle physics have to do with Digital Transformation?

How it is to work as a particle physicist in consulting and what companies can learn from science.

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Prototyping done right

Prototyping is an art – the art of simplifying complex ideas and illustrating them in a very visual way so that they speak for themselves.

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Family businesses: The winners of digitization

Why the the digital transformation in Germany depends on the success of family businesses.

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Digital Trust – Another Buzzword? Really?!

After the recent aggregation of hacker attacks all over the world everybody started talking about the necessity of cyber security. But is there more to it?

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How to stay up-to-date in a world of constant change

When I tell people that I work with Digital Transformation, the questions I get asked are: What do you mean by that? How do you keep up with everything that is happening in this area?

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Living the pod life

Podular organizational structures, or simply “pods” are nothing new: dolphins live in pods, orcas hunt in pods, and I’m sure there are plenty of other creatures who enjoy this way of winning in life. In business …

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Let’s get this straight: Dear Digital Transformation, who are you and where are you from?

‘Digital Transformation’ – this term has become so omnipresent and blurred that I have not met a single person who would give me the same definition…

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