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The d.quarks model

What are d.quarks? They are the skills a company needs to organise, source and develop during its digital transformation process: the building blocks of a company’s digital transformation. While working with various clients on their transformation projects, we identified each of the d.quarks that accelerated companies’ digital transformation process and developed their digital business model. This book compiles 46 of the most crucial d.quarks, bringing them together in a coherent model for the first time.

  • Accelerator track 1: Technology-enabled
  • Accelerator track 2: Transaction-oriented
  • Accelerator track 3: Customer Experience
  • Accelerator track 4: Solution-oriented
  • Accelerator track 5: Open Digital


In a list of detailed viewpoints, we describe how companies can master the digital transformation by integrating d.quarks into their operations.

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